Writer   |   Content Creator   |   Columnist   |   Illustrator

I’ve been a word nerd for as long as I can remember. From creative writing at school to pouring my heart out in a journal and blogging , writing has always been one of my favourite creative tools.

But I don’t only express myself with words. Pictures are my thing too! I love to draw and paint. I am comfortable working in various mediums, including watercolour, acrylic and ink.

Content Creation and Communication

We live in an online world and your brand needs to maintain an impressive online presence. If you need engaging, well crafted content to market your brand, give me a shout.

I love taking a concept, even an unfamiliar one, researching it and then creating copy that is fresh, clear and engaging!


Keeping up with a career, personal aspirations, marriage and parenting mean that my life is a constant juggling act. I have loads of fun and plenty of misadventures and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I write about some of the fun in my monthly column for various community magazines. Check out a couple of my pieces here.


Someone clever once said “The earth without art is just eh!”. I couldn’t agree more. Contact me to commission a custom portrait or painting for you or your loved ones. You can view some of my work here.

P.S Proofing and editing

Is there anything worse than glaring spelling errors and misplaced apostrophes? I work very closely with the talented sub-editor Debbie Walton to make sure that your content is clean and error-free!

Have a look around and let’s chat about what I can create for you!