Making time

It’s been a quiet few weeks from me over the last few weeks!

For the last three years, April/May and September/October have been exam season for me. It is always a stressful time. I don’t study nearly as much as I should, but every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of what I should be doing. During these months, especially May and October aka crunch time, I feel the need to limit my outside interests, so as to really focus on what I should be doing. Even the little obligations and commitments that don’t take up loads of my time sometimes feel like they are too much.

I really am grateful to my friends and family during this time for being patient, checking in regularly and just being super-supportive of my academic endeavours. 

Exams are over for now and it’s a good few weeks before I get my results and enrol for what will hopefully be my final semester. 

Over the last few days, as I wishing away the exams, I was thinking about what I really wanted to be doing instead of cramming information on financial forecasting and cost-benefit analyses.

What I desperately wanted to do was to be creating. And with creating, I wanted to be sharing my creations. I love the making and the creating, but I also really do love the sharing part. It’s a big part of what inspires me. 

Having said that, I have a little idea brewing about some things I want to create. And there are even some little clues in there as to what my creations may turn out to be. Follow me on my social media pages for more. 

And in the next few weeks hopefully, I’ll be catching up on some long overdue blogging.

Till next time! 

Hil. xxx

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Statistics. Or maybe Greek?

One of the modules I need to take as part of the degree I’m working on is Business Statistics. I avoided it last year but I couldn’t avoid it any further because it’s necessary for some of the second and third year subjects I’m taking. 

So here’s the thing. I don’t have a numbers brain. My head works in words and pictures, designs and colours.

I passed matric math, but it certainly wasn’t my strongest subject. Not by a long shot! And now, 21 years later, I’m taking a numbers based subject at university level. I figured if I wanted a shot at passing, I would need to attend lectures.

The classes started last week and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I followed the class last week. The lecturer was passionate about the subject, patient in his explanations, with a dry sense of humour. I left feeling quite excited about my prospects in the class. Okay, maybe not excited. But pleasantly surprised. I think my exact words when I got home were “I’m not as dumb as I thought I was!”

I was far less nervous about attending last night’s class. For the first half of the class I was still happy with how much I was able to comprehend. When other students needed help with the “less than” and “more than” symbols, as well when to round up or down, I decided that at least I hadn’t forgotten everything I learned at school! 

I was even a bit smug, because when we took a break, two of my class mates asked me to help with one of the concepts they hadn’t quite managed to grasp. 

Maybe it was the tiredness of a long day catching up with me but when we returned to class, it was a different story! 

It was as if Stan, our lecturer, had started speaking a foreign language. Suddenly he was sprouting formulae with square roots and Greek symbols and letters divided by letters and I literally felt my eyes glazing over. I had the distinct feeling that I was hanging on to my understanding by a mere thread. That if my mind wondered for more that a second that I’d lose the thread completely. So much for my smugness! 

Fortunately, I know that I wasn’t the only student looking dazed and confused and the lecturer called it a night soon afterward. 

I’m seriously hoping for a recap next week! I can’t really have lost the plot so early into the semester? 

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