29/31 Having a passion can be a pain in the butt!

I grew up in a family with some fairly rigid religious views which I rejected once I reached an age where I was independent enough to do so. To this day I shy away from sharing strong views on anything. It was hard to grow up feeling different from everyone and I think I always feared rejection because of those differences. It’s a fear I am not entirely sure I have ever grown out of. I do have opinions – but I often keep them to myself, or share them with those who won’t challenge me.

I have realised recently though that whilst my religious views may not be the same as those of my family, I have a passion of a different nature and the fervor with which I approach my passion might actually be similar to the fervor with which my family approach their religion. 

The passion in question is for natural childbirth. I have spent the last few years learning about all things related to childbirth and I have some fairly strong views about the best way for a baby come earth-side. These views often leave me very frustrated as I hear others feeding the misinformation and myth surrounding pregnancy and birth. Misinformation about things like due dates, reasons for c sections, issues with breastfeeding leave me so irritated. I still keep my mouth shut a lot of the time, and that’s probably a good thing as each woman has her own road to travel and for most women, these issues are really non issues. 

It is a lesson that I keep relearning – not to care so much. 

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