12 Short Stories and other creative pursuits

I’ve been a lucky girl over the last few months. Also a busy girl. I finished my degree, starting a new job, celebrated my graduation, and most importantly, worked on a bunch of cool creative projects.

Instastory – obvs!

I’ve had the opportunity to attend two fantastic writing courses facilitated by Mia Botha from Writer’s Write. I’ve always loved playing with words, but doing these courses has helped to give me some of the validation I need to pursue my writing. Yes – I am needy like that.

Mia runs a very cool forum for writer’s called 12 Short Stories. The idea is that you sign up to the challenge and write a short story each month. There is a specific word limit for each story and I need to use the prompt that Mia provides as the inspiration.

I also have attended a few wonderful art workshops with Gerda from O’Griet. I have discovered that I love illustration style artwork and I have found a new love for watercolour paints – a medium I had last tried in primary school.

In light of all of this creative activity – I think it’s time to revive my little blog and start sharing some of my work here. What say you? Would you like to read my short stories? Please say yes. Remember, I am needy 🙂

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