I am not particularly inspired to blog anything tonight so I am posting a pic instead. This was one of the first paintings I ever did on my own after the required school projects. I painted it on an old bed sheet primed with PVA.

The sheet has an odd story attached to it… our first family pet, when I was a child was a Boxer named Jessie. She ripped a sheet off the washline, damaged it, and for some reason my mom never threw it away. When I was hunting around for something to paint on years and years later, the ruined bed sheet was just the thing.

I used cheap oils – one of those box sets with tiny tubes and loads of different colours. I hammered the frame together myself out of scraps of wood in my dad’s garage. This painting hangs above my parent’s fireplace now.

My mom tells me that the paint is starting to flake in places – no surprise considering the poor quality materials used. I may have painted loads of paintings since but this is the one that I love the most. 

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