26/3 Me

Last night I challenged Nicole to write 50 random facts about herself. It seems appropriate then that I do the same.

OK… here goes…

  1. I don’t eat baked beans.
  2. I have spent most of my working life hating my job.
  3. I have recently fallen in love with sushi. I consider it a sign of the sophistication that comes with age.
  4. I have always wished I was older that what I am.
  5. I love to create things, but I am a better planner than finisher.
  6. I have successfully beaten a coke (cola) addiction.
  7. I don’t mind the odd cigarette but for what I can actually feel it doing to my body.
  8. I am a wannabe hippy.
  9. I have not successfully beaten my iPhone addiction.
  10. I love tea.
  11. I went to 5 schools and lived in 5 different houses whilst growing up.
  12. I have seen numerous babies come into the world.
  13. I really love my mother in law.
  14. I won a Queen album at a pet competition for the smallest pet (sea monkeys)
  15. My dad smashed the album because he believed Queen were demonised.
  16. The first concert I ever attended was Duran Duran.
  17. I once participated in a school drama competition with a friend and improvised the entire thing.  
  18. I daydream to relax and fall asleep.
  19. I rarely remember my actual dreams.
  20. I have approximately 26 first cousins.
  21. I alternate between thinking I am a good mom and a sucky one on a regular basis.
  22. I really want a tattoo.
  23. I really want a tragus piercing.
  24. I really want to ride horses.
  25. I really want to travel the world.
  26. I really want to race a car around a track.
  27. I love pretty clothes, I love gothic clothes, I love bohemian clothes. My sense of style is a little mixed up.
  28. I watch way too many dodgy makeover programs on TLC
  29. Sometimes I imagine myself in awful scenarios – it is how I know I might cope if I was actually put in such a situation.
  30. I write really good business letters.
  31. Bad spelling irritates me.
  32. I don’t like stupid people.
  33. I don’t like narrow minded people.
  34. I don’t like vacuous people.
  35. My favourite chocolates are little Lindt Lindor balls.
  36. My favourite ice cream flavour is stracciatella. Any flavour Haagen-Dazs will do too. 
  37. I once had a tiny cup of molten chocolate at a cafe in Bath, England. It was the most sublime thing I have ever tasted.
  38. I love cooking for fun and hate cooking for necessity.
  39. I am on diet at the moment. Can you tell?
  40. My least favourite part of the day is the part where I am required to make school lunches.
  41. I am running out of things to say.
  42. I cherish alone time, and absolute silence.
  43. I change my hairstyle regularly.
  44. I always have my my air-con on in my car.
  45. I over analyse things.
  46. I have difficulty making decisions about little things.
  47. My least favourite day of a week is a Thursday.
  48. I love sleep
  49. In an ideal world, I would go to bed late and wake up late.
  50. Nicole was right, this was quite difficult.


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