30/31 – Letting go bit by bit

My kids are pretty close, both in age and relationship. Oh, they do fight – they bicker and they bash each other, but most of the time, they are great playmates for each other. In fact, even though they each have their own bedroom, they choose to share a room! My boy is an excellent big brother and my girl is an adoring thoughtful little sister (most of the time)

Today, a quiet Saturday afternoon – father and son watching football and daughter playing with her cousin – I had a call from my son’s friend’s mom – would he be keen to come round for a last minute sleepover? My child was virtually out the door before I had even put the phone down! 

I was left with a devastated little girl crying her heart out in her bedroom. Heartbreaking, but what is a mom to do? They are both growing up, but he will always be the one to experience things first and it wouldn’t be fair to stop him from doing things just because she can’t do them yet. Many tears, and a promise of a McDonalds McFlurry later, she calmed down and resumed her game with her cousin.

And I was a little anxious. We have known this family via school for the last 5 years, my son has been allowed to sleep out before, I am a fairly relaxed mom, I know he is in good hands, he is a confident easygoing child…   but it is still a little nerve wracking to drop him off for a night out at a buddy.

Sometimes it’s hard to be 6. And sometimes it’s hard to be 34. Life changes, bit by bit and we have to deal with it. 

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