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What inspires you to write what you write?

In taking up my friend Nicole’s (http://www.goddessundressed.wordpress.com) challenge to blog each day for March, I first had to try and recall my previous blog logins (unsucessfully) and then decide on a new blog host (Hello Tumblr!) and finally decide on something to blog about (which leads me to this post!)

I could post about my parenting attempts… I am the mom to two (mostly) adorable kids, age 6 and 8. But I get bored reading other blogs singularly about mom things. A few nights ago I went to a focus group on a popular breakfast cereal… There was money in it, and I thought it may be fun – as I sat there discussing the merits of cornflakes with 7 other mothers in their mid-thirties, I was cringing. I really didn’t want to be identified as nothing more than a mom with an opinion on cornflakes, even by a bunch of anonymous market research executives.

I could post about my home life in general… husband, kids, 2 cats and what my dog has chewed most recently (today it was my two month old Fossil watch!) But Gemma the Farting dog doesn’t chew something everyday (only every other day) so I may run quickly out of ideas (or assets – depending on the dog’s behaviour?)

I could post about my art. On confident days, I call myself an artist. On less confident days, I refer to myself as someone who plays with paint. Posting about my art would imply that my art is prolific, when in truth, it is just about ideas and images that capture my imagination and occasionally I manage to transfer them to canvas, with varying levels of success.  

I could post about my passion for natural, spiritual childbirth. But there are tons of blogs in the webisphere about birth… what more could I add except my love?

Perhaps this blog could be about spirituality and my search to find my spiritual side? But that could get tediously airy fairy when in fact most of the time I have my feet firmly on the ground. 

A foodie blog could be fun? I love cooking and baking and eating… eating…eating… no, for goodness sake girl, get a grip, I am on diet and baking is just sheer torture when I am trying to avoid carbs!

Maybe a blog about diets? Gosh, I have spent most of my adult life either on or in between eating programmes. After loads of soul searching, I think I may finally have gotten to the bottom of my food issues and gained some deep insights into the psyche of a carb addict, but actually ridding myself of the kilograms is an ongoing battle. And I don’t like to identify myself by my weight because who then will I be once the pounds are gone? 

Perhaps I will post about each of the above ideas and more… There is so much more to me than a mom with an opinion about cornflakes. 

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